Words like these below fill the heart, just as they have been spoken from the hearts of the children themselves. Long may we continue to provide such a rewarding education to those who pass through the school!


“I really loved the time I spent at Auburn House. The work I did there made my grade 8 more manageable as we covered most of it during grade 7. I loved the one on one relationship with the teachers that made it easy to go back to them when I did not understand. I loved it.”

“Auburn House was definitely the best primary school for me to have been at – it really enabled me to become the person I needed and wanted to be in order to go to high school feeling confident in myself and my work. Thank you to all the teachers, staff and students who made me who I am today!”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better primary school. It’s an honour to say I went to Auburn House! The whole idea behind Auburn House is brilliant. The best of my childhood memories all have something to do with school.”

“At Auburn House I flourished academically but I grew as a person as well. You learn many qualities at Auburn house… Even though it’s a primary school, they prepare you to take on the world. Auburn house not only prepared me for high school, it prepared me for life.”

“…what I was so lucky to experience at this great school…individual attention to each and every pupil (which is key to a good education), dedicated and hard-working teachers…and of course a comfortable and loving environment where a child will feel relaxed and not only learn academic skills but social skills too. Skills that will stay with a child forever.”

“Auburn House is an excellent platform for a growing and developing young person, where, although it is a small school, the students are encouraged to be involved with the rest of the world in a peaceful and stimulating way.”

“I hope to see many more young people come out of Auburn House with a great education and a healthy and confident attitude.”