The pre-primary pre1is at the heart of the School, where young children first begin to experience being part of a community. It has seen many hundreds of children pass through, from their entry at about three years old to their confident step into primary school three years later.

The environment is light and colourful, the bright materials and activities attracting the children to explore and engage in all areas at their own pace. There is freedom of movement in the classroom and outside.
The classes are structured in a traditional Montessori way, with children between 3 and 6 years old interacting together, learning from and assisting each other.
They are developing physical independence, social skills and confidence in their increasing competence and knowledge.

The children’s day starts at 8.15 and finishes at 12.15, after which they are collected or join the aftercare facility. Group discussions, mid-morning snack and outside play are part of the morning’s activities, with music twice a week as well as physical exercises and games. Children in their last year of the pre-primary cycle stay on for an extra hour of special classroom group activity one day per week in the Extended Day programme, in preparation for their move into the more group-orientated primary level the following year.