art2Before you decide to apply for a place for your child, we recommend that you make an appointment to view the School and its facilities.  The visit gives parents the opportunity to meet the Principal and to get a feel for the School environment.  Auburn House Montessori School accepts any child whose family is interested in Montessori education as an approach to life.  We attempt to achieve a balance of age, gender and experience in each class.

Generally, we are not equipped to care for children with special needs.  Therefore, any such care is entirely at the discretion of the School and conditional upon the consent of the Principal.  In all cases, the child must be able to participate and substantially benefit from the programme without risk to him/herself or to the other children.

No person shall on the basis of gender, religious belief or national origin be excluded from participation, be denied the benefits of the School or be subject to unfair discrimination.

Selection Criteria and Allocation of Places

When selecting children for places, we intend to enroll those children whose families we consider will be a best fit for our Montessori School. Factors we may consider:  application date, the child’s history of learning in the Montessori environment, the child’s overall suitability, willingness of the family to participate in activities to support the school, etc.  The School retains the right to make all enquiries necessary to obtain information that may assist it to reach a decision in any particular case. All enquiries will remain confidential. Confirmation or refusal of placement into the School remains ultimately at the discretion of the Principal.

We give special consideration to siblings and children transferring from other Montessori programmes.

Pre-primary (3-6yrs)

Pre-primary children must be aged three or older, fully toilet trained and be able to communicate their needs clearly.  Preference will be given to younger children because it is important that they complete the three-year work cycle to adequately prepare them for Primary school.

Primary (6-12yrs/Grade 1-7)

art5For Junior Primary (6-9yrs/Grade 1-3), enrolment preference will be given to children who have completed a minimum of two years at a Montessori pre-school.  In isolated instances we will accept a child who has little or no Montessori experience but this will always be after careful consideration by the School and after assessment by a class teacher.  Montessori pre-school prepares the children for Junior Primary in many ways.  For example, children learn to respect the equipment, and become used to working independently and constructively.  Montessori pre-school also helps children to learn to act responsibly within their environment.  Primary builds on these skills but it does not teach them.  This is why it is difficult to accept a child with no Montessori background into a Junior Primary class.

Children with Montessori backgrounds who have attended mainstream schools since leaving Montessori pre-school may apply if they attended their Montessori pre-school until they were six.  An enrolment decision will depend on the eligibility and suitability of the child.

In Senior Primary (9-12yrs/grade 4-7), children use the skills developed and are being prepared for a variety of Secondary schools. Applications from children from Government mainstream schools are considered and accepted if the child would benefit from the schooling provided.

The Application Process

For any potential pupil to be considered we must receive a completed application form and the applicable application fee. We cannot proceed with the application until we receive your forms and payment. All applications must be accompanied by your child’s last report, except for young children who have not yet attended a pre-school.

Parents are strongly advised to submit the application form as early as possible because the application date is a factor in establishing priority in the event of a shortage of places. It is important that application forms for younger siblings are also submitted as soon as possible.

An assessment will be required, depending on the age of the child (usually 4½ – 12yr olds). The assessment is a gentle, stress-free visit which may involve the child joining the class for a morning, or a day or two. This is an opportunity for the child to experience first hand what the class is like and is also an opportunity for the teacher to meet the child, to assess whether or not s/he is suited to our Montessori environment and, if so, where the child should be placed within the classes. All decisions are based on the best interests of both the child and of the existing children in the class.

Parents will be notified of the results of their child’s application. Should a place be offered parents would be required to pay an enrolment deposit/placement fee to secure the child’s place at the School. This fee is payable by the due date provided. This offer will be withdrawn should the School not receive this payment by the specified date.

Waiting List

A child’s name may be placed on the waiting list at any time. From time to time we will contact families to request re-confirmation of their intention to keep the name on our waiting list.

Family Commitment

Montessori education is most effective when a child’s parents/primary caregivers understand and co-operate with the long-term programme.

Parents and caregivers need to show understanding of the Montessori philosophy of teaching and to fully support its methods. They need to agree to support the Auburn House School staff. Parents and caregivers need to be willing participants and fully support all initiatives of the school in fundraising ventures, working days, parent education evenings, equipment making and social events. We are very happy for parents to indicate their own particular skills and preference for areas they would like to assist with.

Parents and caregivers are expected to communicate with the school and the teachers in an open and reasonable manner. Parents and caregivers need to acknowledge that every place in the school can be reviewed at the beginning of each year or if the need arises.

NB: If it is found that the parent has not disclosed problems that the child may have which are beyond the scope of the school’s capabilities (such as physical, mental or psychological behavioural problems) then the School may terminate the enrolment of the child. In event of this, the parent will forfeit all registration and tuition fees made to the School.

Application Process – Summary

  1. Parent books school visit;
  2. Application form submitted;
  3. Child’s name placed on waiting list for appropriate year/term;
  4. School requests possible interview/assessment/child visit;
  5. Parents advised of place offered/refused;
  6. Parents confirm acceptance of place offered and pay enrolment deposit/placement fee;
  7. Welcome pack provided to parents.