This body consists of three parent Board members, volunteer parents and at least one representative from each section of the school.

This body provides a wide range of important services on a volunteer basis including fundraising, fostering good fellowship within the school community, arranging functions and aiding internal parent communication.

The Parent Forum can participate in policymaking through the Parent Board members and the Head of School will use it as a sounding board from time to time.

Any finances of the Parent Forum should be supervised by the school and should be part of the school’s annual audit process.

The Head of School should be closely involved with the Parent Forum. Co-operation and teamwork between the Head of School and the Parent Forum are crucial to the health of the school community.

It is appropriate that the Parent Forum advertise its activities, events and achievements within the boundaries and capacity of the Parent’s Forum. However, the body should play no role in the school’s effort to communicate about itself within the broader scope of marketing and public relations.

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