Auburn House is historically:

  • one of the earliest Montessori schools in the Western Cape,
  • the first to establish a Montessori primary education programme,
  • the first Montessori school to actively engage in the field of early childhood education awareness in the Western Cape, and
  • the pioneer of a tutorial-based continuum into secondary schooling, utilising Cambridge University’s international curriculum.

Currently, it is:

  • a long-standing institutional member of the South African Montessori Association (SAMA), the national professional representative body;
  • one of 100 independent schools included in a quality assurance study carried out by the Provincial Education Department, with a consistently high rating for its level of teaching, resources and management ethos;
  • an established Montessori teacher training campus with many years of successful training experience, and
  • a sponsor and supporter of Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori preschool and its expanding training programme in the Eastern Cape.

In recent years, Auburn House has expanded its Governing Body, developed the Auburn House Trust as an independent entity to receive funding for bursaries and outreach projects and moved its formal training activities into an association with the Montessori Centre South Africa (MCSA).


Going forward, there are firm plans for the expansion and improvement of infrastructure and facilities at the School and collaborative association with other Montessori schools in the Cape to grow Middle and High school programmes.

We are proud to be members of 

SAMA member-2014 ISASA




SAMA Full Membership Status confirmed!

Report from an independent assessor, from SAMA, nominated by ISASA.

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