Guiding children towards independence

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3 – 6 years
Including Grade R

Junior Primary

6 – 9 years
Grade 1 – 3

Senior Primary

9 – 12 years
Grade 4 – 7

Welcome to Auburn House, a long-established independent school, which offers a nurturing and caring learning environment.

The essence of the school originates from a strong philosophy, the Montessori principle of regard and appreciation for each individual, contributing towards a sustainable and a healthy society.

Auburn House is suited to meet the diverse individual needs of all our children.

Children receive unique stimulation, facilitation, intervention and a method of learning that calls to the child, not just at school but for life. At Auburn House our aim is to support, to the best of our abilities, each child’s developing independence – physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally – and to nourish the spirit of each individual, as they grow towards adulthood.

We invite you to join us on this very exciting journey of discovery and learning with your child!

Applications OPEN for 2023!

from 3-yrs to 12-yrs