Tribute to Founding Principal – Sally Hall

“Life is a gift, and I try to respond¬†with grace and courtesy” – Maya Angelou

Truer words could not be said of how Sally chose to live her life. She sought a life of simplicity and was deeply connected to the earth and sustainability. These qualities permeated through Auburn House School.

She impacted the Montessori community in a most profound manner – never imposing, but always gently guiding. 

Her deep respect and love for the children was shown in the simplest of details, from examining a tiny caterpillar to telling exciting stories of the universe.

Every adult and child felt listened to, valued and encouraged in her presence.

Sally – teacher, mentor, colleague, friend, and who was dearly loved by many.

Thank you for the lasting legacy that you have given so generously.

Thank you to the School of Philosophy – Cape Town for producing the Sally Tribute Book.

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