Middle School

The Middle School programme for 12 to 15 year olds is based on the Montessori Adolescent Programme developed in the US, and the core curriculum is developed around the South African National Curriculum. The subject syllabi are enriched to support the children through this human developmental stage.

The adolescent endures tremendous physical changes, are intellectually capable of gaining big knowledge and show new thinking capabilities. They are idealistic, with their friends supplying the emotional safety net, with whom they may take risks and to whom they are deeply committed.

This is also a time for vulnerability, awkwardness, self-consciousness and conflicting emotions.

Through this time the human is trying to form the adult – to be reliable, trustworthy, trusted and independent. 

The Middle School supports these needs of the adolescent by supplying ample opportunity to:

  • innovate,
  • create,
  • self express,
  • explore,
  • investigate,
  • work,
  • and to use their growing knowledge.

The adults who work with these teenagers are caring, respectful, intellectually strong, trusting and forgiving. – “Always treating the adolescent as if he has greater value than he shows”

Monthly x 11 (Jan – Nov)

– R5 960

Total per annum

– R65 560

Annual Fees (due in full by 5 Feb)

– R61 630

The Co-Curricular activities offered by the school change from time to time and according to the needs of the children. These may include but are not limited to Art, Music, Creative Movement and Drama.

Field Studies are an integral part of the children’s learning experience. Teachers intentionally include field work into their planning.

The extra mural activities offered by the school change from time to time and according to the needs of the children.

They range from creative movement, soccer, drama, karate and yoga.

Our children are encouraged to join specialised external clubs to participate in formal sports coaching and participation, such as soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis and swimming.

There is a club programme that is run internally by teachers or children. This is inclusive of cooking, gardening, woodwork, singing, beading, coding, knitting and others.

Lameez Manter

Lead Teacher

Fiona Mwangi 

Lead Teacher

Sibulele Nobhuzana


The After School Care programme is managed by qualified staff and the following options are available: 

Registered use:14.15 – 17.30R2000 per term
Casual:per occasionR60 per afternoon or part thereof

Applications are OPEN!

from 3 to 12 years